My maiden name is Michelle Saul-Yamasaki, my married name is Michelle Harrison, and I am a Multi-Media Producer, Video Editor, and Communicator. A Film and Media Arts graduate. For a copy of my resume, contact me at michellesy@temple.edu or see my LinkedIn Profile.

I have learned the art of film and media both in the classroom and in multiple real-world settings, including small businesses and corporate settings. I have produced more than seventy short films in which I was responsible for pre-production planning, recording moving images and sound, assembling them into an eye-catching and entertaining end product using music, sound effects, motion graphics, and kinetic typography.

I have a drive for awareness, growth, community, creativity, diversity and effective communication. I’m dedicated to the effective communication of information through the use of media with a specialization in video technology and the way it can inform, entertain and engage others in meaningful interactions.

PonderTreeLogoI have many interests and skills, and therefore, I see myself as an intellectual tree with many branches… This is how the name for the production company that I am developing came about, Ponder Tree. And my logo, the tree inside of a puzzle piece, came about from the idea that everything in life has a gift and a need… and if we all come together and figure out our gifts and needs then we can create positive synthesis and grow in an amazing way as a community in harmony… in harmony with all elements in life… and Ponder Tree is one puzzle piece making positive connections to increase growth, awareness, community, effective communication, and creativity.

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I also collaborate creatively in many ways with my partner in rhyme, Jeremy Dean Harrison. He released his first solo album, Into the Light, on September 24th, 2014 and his second solo album, SACRED SHAP3S & 5ECRE7 ESCAPES, on June 24, 2016. You can find both albums and purchase or download them for free on his website, www.jeremydeanharrison.com!

Flower JDHOriginally, we started performing together and called ourselves “gladhappylove”. While we still jam together, we have focused our efforts on his solo musical career and I have been producing and directing all of his videos, website & marketing.

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gladhappyloveJeremy’s music is about his love of life, value, liberty, the overcoming of fears and the actualizing of the human potential. His lyrics are poetic and meaningful and will spark inspiration in the minds of his listeners!