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Going Up? Episode 2: Michelle and Jasmin

Learn about my last experience, going from intern to full-time employee at Comcast NBCUniversal from myself and Jasmin Senior who was the Intern & Diversity Programs Manager!

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Comcast Cares Day for Interns (2 min)

During my Internship at Comcast as the Associate Producer for Studio C – Internal Communications, I produced, shot and edited a video for an intern day of service called “Comcast Cares Day for Interns” that took place at SHARE Food Program on July 24, 2015. Comcast thought so highly of the video that they even published it on their Comcast‘s Corporate Site Blog and have also published it on Comcast‘s Impact Youtube channel! It is no small feat to make it onto their public sites, and I am proud to say that my work made it. Check it out!

Comcast Cares Day for Interns

Huge Thanks to Steveanna Wynn from SHARE, Marnice Davis, Tatum Murray and Rossy Herrera and to all the other interns that participated. ‪#‎MyComcastInternship‬


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