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We need your help! Jeremy Dean Harrison is starting to record his 2nd solo album, “How’s the Whether?”! Please take a moment to check out his Indiegogo Campaign for which I helped video shoot and edit the 2min and 22second video! And consider donating! He gives all of his music away for free, and when you donate you get a perk in return. Your support is huge help to us and it is especially a lot of moral support that we greatly appreciate. Click here to go to the Indiegogo Campaign or click on the image below!

Jeremy Dean Harrison Indiegogo

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You can listen to his 1st album, Into the Light, on his website and download it for free!
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Parable of the Talents, excerpt from Jeremy Dean Harrison’s blog post:

Excerpt from JDH Blog Parable of the Talents


“Keeping Up With Emerging Technologies”

Michelle Saul-Yamasaki, Multi-media Production Specialist

Check out my new video of how I can help your company! With emerging technologies to take advantage of, your company needs a multi-media production specialist like me to actualize its potential. And you’ll also see how my internship with WHYY Friday Arts went. What are some emerging technologies you have noticed!?

Emerging Technologies are changing the way people interact and communicate with one another. It is up to businesses to take advantages of the multiple forms of media, especially video, and online and social media platforms to actualize their potential. My name is Michelle Saul-Yamasaki and I am the multimedia production specialist that can help your company across all of these platforms.

“Wetland” by Mary Mattingly

photo 2

Out of all of the Fringe Festival shows, I chose to see Mary Mattingly’s installation called Wetlandat the Independence Seaport Museum Pier. I was attracted to her installation because I always enjoy learning about ways in which we strive to create our little utopia, and she won me over when it said in the Fringe Festival guide, to come “Visit the artist in her sustainable floating row home to see how art, architecture, and environmental technology come together to create a watery urban utopia.”

Wetland, Mary Mattingly


Mary’s installation was an awesome, out of the ordinary houseboat floating on the Delaware river, moored right outside of the Seaport Museum. It is a boat but with a façade of a South Philadelphia row home, with the front of the house facing upward as if it was sinking. The rest was the structure of the boat and then attached by rope on both sides were some wood floor extensions where her urban farm existed. Attached to this wood flood extension was another extension of more gardening pots that floated directly on the water made out of plastic tubing. On the inside was a living space, Amanda Feifer gave a presentation on how to do Phickle Veggie Fermentation, there was a small kitchen area, a bedroom area below and a ladder that went to another bedroom space upstairs.

Mary explained to us that she created this because she wanted to come up with a response on how to live and adapt if there happens to be mass flooding. She talked about how there are many cities around the world that are already flooding, so it would be important to start having this conversation earlier than later. She wanted to create an “enclosed” livable space with an entire mini ecosystem. She intended to create a spectacle for people to be impacted by it and learn this message she is trying to convey of living efficiently and sustainably in an adaptable manner with water.

I believe she did a great job accomplishing her goals. She created a mini ecosystem by having bee hives in multiple parts of the row home so that they could pollinate all of the vegetables and herbs growing in the rows of farming she had attached to the boat. She made it possible to use the sugar from the honey and eggs from the chickens that where in a nice sized cage on the back end of the boat, and using the river water or the rain water for different purposes. There were solar panels installed that served for devices as phones, lighting and other house utilities. I also believe that she succeeded in capturing people’s attention by her cool architectural design and ecosystem environment. Many people were there visiting the installation both touring and listening to the presentation.

It totally worked. And it was very much worth going to see it. It was a little “watery utopia” like the Fringe Festival guide said. I strongly recommend you check it out! It is open until the 21st of September.

Check out the rest of my pictures from this experience at my Page! You’ll see the chickens there!

Wetland, Mary Mattingly

New Music Video! “Smoke and Mirrors”

Smoke and Mirrors JDH

Dear Friends!

Yesterday at midnight, we released the new music video to Jeremy Dean Harrison’s new song, “Smoke and Mirrors”! This song is off his new solo album,”Into the Light”, coming out on September 24th, 2014. And he is going to be sharing his entire album for FREE! I have heard the entire album and I am so excited for all of you to hear it! Some of you may have heard the acoustic versions of some of the songs, but you will be blown away when you hear the final mixed versions and hear the symphony of sounds that he heard in his head and heart. He put his heart and soul into it and it is for ALL of YOU, that you may be inspired by it and inspire others to greatness!

I beseech you to check out this new song and music video with lyrics and may you enjoy it! And make sure to LIKE our Facebook Page, for updates and more greatness coming your way.

With warm regards,

Michelle & Jeremy

p.s. We are so grateful to all of those who have taken the time to watch and hear our new video and song! In less than 24 hours we have surpassed 150 views on Youtube. Thank you. It fills our hearts with joy.


Brett London on Winston Churchill!

Winston Churchill, Brett London Last July 9th, I had the pleasure again of video recording the South County Management Society‘s monthly breakfast meeting. This time Judge Brett London gave an outstanding talk on Winston Churchill. He gave a very colored and inspiring talk of his great example of NEVER giving up. He had many rough moments in his life, many failures, and disappointments, but none of these things ever stopped him from becoming one of the greatest leaders in history. Check out the short video introduction to his talk!

And then get hooked and watch his full talk!

Hope you enjoyed! And make sure to share and like our efforts! Brett London , Winston Churchill

Dan Fuller talking on the Founding Fathers

Last month, I had the pleasure of video recording Dan Fuller’s talk on the “Moral and Ethical Leadership of the Founding Fathers” at the monthly breakfast meetings held by the South County BYU Management Society. This society is dedicated to the growing of Moral and Ethical Leadership. Dan Fuller gave an outstanding talk, on inspired men creating monumental history, and I suggest you watch his entire talk!

But first, you can start with the short video highlighting his introduction. 

After that, he will have you hooked and you will want to listen to his full talk.

I hope you enjoy!

Check out the album of screen shots from the video at Tree and like it while you are at it!

Today, I had the honor of video recording this months talk again on Winston Churchill by Judge Brett London. Pictures and Video coming soon!


Spring 2013 Video Work!

This last semester was a crazy busy one and I made new video projects for you to check out in this post! I took Videography with Mary Catherine Pancake, Digital Animation with LeAnn Erickson and Marketing with Erika Hovland. Here are the videos I’ve done… Keep in mind that I know that they are not perfect yet and welcome feedback! (Click on the Video Title Links for more information on that video.)

What in the Kale?

My favorite video is “What in the Kale is going on?” (3min)

My second favorite is the “Vegetable Fruit Fiber and Blending” (13min)

Then there is “Magical Ginger Tea” ! (2.5min)

Then there is “The Luck of Birds and Ladybugs” (1min)

And finally, “Ash Wednesday” (4min) which was not the best short narrative production but it was a great experience as a group where I learned what it takes to be a producer and make it all happen…

Let me know what you think!

Warm regards,
Michelle Saul-Yamasaki