I am constantly amazed at the nutritional value one can find in all kinds of foods. From kale to ginger, it is quite amazing all of the health benefits one can get from enjoying these beautiful natural God-given gifts. Here are some videos I have created that are nutrition and health related.

Veggies, Fruit, Fiber and Blending

“Vegetables, Fruit, Fiber and Blending” (13min) Food is essential to life, and the nutrients in foods are essential to our health. Here we talk to a vegan veteran and supporter, a nutrition professor and other college students about Vegetables, Fruits, Fiber and Blending (vs juicing).

What in the Kale is going on?

“What in the Kale is going on?” (3min.) Curly Kale does her stand up comedy session at the famous and loved kitchen counter. She brags a bit and throws a couple of funny jokes here and there.


Magical Ginger Tea“Magical Ginger Tea” (2.5 min) In this short kinetic typography animation I, Michelle Saul-Yamasaki, express my love of ginger root in the form of a tea and share some surprising facts about the benefits of this magical root.


What nutritional food would you like to learn about next!? Or what nutritional food do you love that you would like me to do a video of next? Send your thoughts to  Thanks!


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