Going Up? Episode 2: Michelle and Jasmin

Learn about my last experience, going from intern to full-time employee at Comcast NBCUniversal from myself and Jasmin Senior who was the Intern & Diversity Programs Manager!


Comcast Cares Day for Interns (2 min)
I produced, shot and edited this video during my internship at Comcast’s Studio C for the intern day of service at SHARE Food Program on July 24, 2015. I am proud to say that this video has been published on Comcast’s Impact Youtube Channel, the internal employee website and will soon be posted on the blog of Comcast’s Corporate Site. Huge Thanks to Steveanna Wynn from SHARE, Marnice Davis, Tatum Murray and Rossy Herrera and to all the other interns that participated. ‪#‎MyComcastInternship‬


Keeping Up With Emerging Technologies (2:22 min)
This is my most recent Reel/Resume and Internship Experience Video where you can learn more about what I can do for your company and learn some of my experiences at my internship with WHYY.

To see the 7 videos I edited during my internship at WHYY Friday Arts, click here or on the Friday Arts image!

Friday Arts WHYY

My Youtube channel is… 

PonderTreeProduction Youtube Channel

I have produced, shot and edited many videos for many organizations, individual artists or speakers. Those include:

Musician, Jeremy Dean Harrison  (Indiegogo & Music Videos and produced and manage website.)

Flower JDH

Artist, Meei Ling Ng on Food Sustainability, the Environment & Art

Meei Ling Ng

Comcast – Corporate Communications

Comcast Cares Day for Interns

WHYY – Friday Arts –

Friday Arts WHYY

Temple Contemporary – Temple University’s Art Gallery –

Temple Contemporary, Video, Michelle Saul-Yamasaki

Philadelphia Young Playwrights –

Philadelphia Young Playwrights

Below are a list of my videos.

This is a short video documentation of an event and art installation by Meei Ling Ng at the Asian Arts Initiative to raise awareness and inspiration to “Grow Your Own Food” right where you live.

 This is the Music Video I did for Jeremy Dean Harrison‘s new song “Smoke and Mirrors”, out of his new album “Into the Light”! Check it out, and check out his whole album on his website which I helped produce! And make sure to like his Page on Facebook.

Michelle's Temple Contemporary Reel

Here is my 6min. reel for the 30 plus works I edited for Temple Contemporary  as I worked as their Video Editor for One year and Eight months.


Michelle's Restoring Ideals Reel

Here is a video of excerpts of the 6 videos I edited for the Restoring Ideals project that was produced and directed by Temple Contemporary.


Brett London , Winston Churchill

“Brett London on Winston Churchill” (2:20min or 37min full talk) Last July 9th, I had the pleasure again of video recording the South County Management Society‘s monthly breakfast meeting. This time Judge Brett London gave an outstanding talk on Winston Churchill. He gave a very colored and inspiring talk of his great example of NEVER giving up.

Dan Fuller on Founding Fathers

Dan Fuller on the Founding Fathers” (3min or full 50min versions) Dan Fuller speaking on the “Moral and Ethical Leadership of the Founding Fathers.” This Breakfast Meeting was organized by the South County Chapter of the BYU Management Society dedicated to growing Moral and Ethical Leadership. It was an outstanding talk, on inspired men creating monumental history.

Veg Fruit Fiber

“Vegetables, Fruit, Fiber and Blending” (13min) Food is essential to life, and the nutrients in foods are essential to our health. Here we talk to a vegan veteran and supporter, a nutrition professor and other college students about Vegetables, Fruits, Fiber and Blending (vs juicing).

What in the Kale?

“What in the Kale is going on?” (3min.) Curly Kale does her stand up comedy session at the famous and loved kitchen counter. She brags a bit and throws a couple of funny jokes here and there.

Magical Ginger Tea

“Magical Ginger Tea” (2.5 min) In this short kinetic typography animation I, Michelle Saul-Yamasaki, express my love of ginger root in the form of a tea and share some surprising facts about the benefits of this magical root.

The Luck of...

“The Luck of Birds and Ladybugs” (1min.) The Luck of Birds and Ladybugs is a short animated video with rotoscoped elements for my Digital Animation class of Spring 2013.

Ash Wednesday“Ash Wednesday” (4 min.) A short narrative in wish two old friends (Max and Dee) enact their moveable yearly ritual; a game of chess with the cryptic stakes as high as ever.

gladhappylove LIGHT

“Light” (4:22  min) The latest song by Jeremy Dean Harrison and music video by me. “The imagery that Michelle presents throughout the video is both appropriate and thought provoking. Jeremy’s lyrics are deep and meaningful, once again calling for people to make a change in this world by BEING the change.”

Temple Contemporary, Video, Michelle Saul-Yamasaki

I started working for Temple Contemporary during my fall semester of 2012. Temple Contemporary is the art gallery at the Tyler School of Art at Temple University. I was one of their video editors and I completed three videos for them this semester: Pittsburgh’s Greatest Living Artist: Jon Rubin, Candy Making with Franklin Fountain and Mass Incarceration in America.

Deep Roots 2, Meei Ling Ng, Michelle Saul-Yamasaki, Ponder Tree“Deep Roots II” (25 min or 5 min version) focuses on the use of art on farms to spread the message of the importance of local urban farming and being conscious of how to support your community through collaboration…

Deep Roots 2 – Days and Nights on the Farm” was premiered at The Bainbridge Club on December 1, 2012. “Deep Roots II – Days and Nights on the Farm” is a documentary about an event that took place on October 6th and 7th. Deep Roots II was a multi-media art installation by Meei Ling in collaboration with Weavers Way’s Mort Brooks Memorial Farm and their Farm Festival and in conjunction with the Philadelphia Open Studio Tours (POST) and lighting designer Jackson Kay.

Documenting ‘Kids These Days’” 4 min.

This is the trailer to the documentation of “Kids These Days”. “Kids These Days” was an art gallery exhibit by creative adolescents that took place on August 31st through September 2nd, 2012 at Indy Hall, 22 North 3rd St (1st floor) Phila. PA 19106. I hope you enjoy the trailer and watch the rest of the playlist, which will consist of six interviews and five performances.

You are never too old to Crayola” 5:30 min.

gladhappylove is crazy for colors… and Crayola has the best colors out there… as artists we are always occupying our time singing songs, drawing pictures, coloring and painting… Sometimes we like to get creative and capture it on video. Here it is: Gladhappylove + Crayola = AMAZING! Enjoy!

Gladhappylove Kickstarter” 13 min.

I shot and edited the Kickstarter video for my band, gladhappylove. My boyfriend and I decided to start a band. He is an amazing songwriter, guitarist and singer, and love accompanying him on the violin… We called the band gladhappylove because we are in gladhappylove… and we would gladhappylove for you to see our kickstarter video and maybe support us before the deadline of our fundraiser on July 19, 2012. Thank you!

Deep Roots”  5:46 minutes
This is video covering the “Deep Roots” art installation by Meei Ling Ng in collaboration with Michaelann Velicky. “Deep Roots” was a part of the Turtle Artisan’s Tour on May 5th and 6th , 2012. Meei Ling Ng is my neighbor and she contacted me to see if I could do a five minute video of this installation and I gladly agreed to do so after learning what it was all about. “Deep Roots” was about using art to share the knowledge of sustainable living and farming in an urban environment. Their mission is perfectly worded: “… to bring awareness to the interconnectedness of all elements in our ecological and social communities.” This idea is parallel to the mission and vision of Ponder Tree, and therefore, covering “Deep Roots” to produce a 5-minute video was my pleasure.

Aretes Mexicanos” 4:07 minutes
This is a documentary about my love for Mexican earrings and an interview of a lady who makes them. Ever since I came to Philadelphia, a lot of people have asked me about them and this has inspired me to buy them and distribute them. And to keep in mind the time and energy that went to this, I would like for you to meet Martha. This was shot in Mexico City, at El Bazar del Sabado during my 2011-2012 winter break and was thankfully able to turn this personal project into an assignment for my FMA class……………………………………………………………………………………………………

Mi Casa es Tu Casa”  7:37 minutes
This is one of the documentaries I made while in the Documentary History Project for Youth (DHPY) Scribe internship. I started this paid internship at the end of my high school senior year (summer 2011) through to the first weeks of Temple University (fall 2011). This project is the one I spent the most time on and the one that is closest to my heart. It is about me moving on with college while leaving my mom behind, struggling to keep Cafe con Chocolate, our family restaurant, open. I finished this on November 2011 and screened it at the DHPY 2011 Premiere “City of Sound”. A few months later in March, my mom closed Cafe con Chocolate momentarily, and now it has been reopened with new management since May 5th, 2012. At the reopening there was a mariachi singer, “Marco – El Gallo de Mexico” and a group of Aztec Dancers, called “Cenzontle Cuicatl”. Soon I will be done editing the photos and videos I took of this grand reopening and will be posting them online! The DHPY Scribe internship was the first long term media production experience I ever had and it is where Final Cut Pro 7 was first introduced to me.

Tides of Change” 7:54 minutes
This is the second documentary I made while in the DHPY Scribe internship. At the time, Occupy Philly protests were taking place and I made an effort to document as much of it as I could to then make a historical comparison of these protests to the Anti-Vietnam War protests that also took place in Philadelphia in the late 1960’s. By doing this I would show some similarities I found in the sounds, locations and actions. I also researched for all of the Anti-Vietnam War content, which was provided by The Temple Archives. I completed this video on November 2011 and it was also screened at the DHPY 2011 Premiere.

Smile Gift” 1 minute
This is the first video assignment for my Film and Media Arts class at Temple University.  It is a silent one minute “in camera” film. This assignment’s purpose was to help us develop our skills as visual storytellers without relying on the use of dialogue and to strengthen our pre-planning, visualization and storyboard skills. Also to exercise our compositional and framing skills. An “in camera” film is one that is made with out the use of editing, what you shoot is what you use. Thank you to my two wonderful actors, Cody Rae Gallagher as the beautiful girl, Adrian Matthew Jordan and Jeremy Harrison as grumpy cold extra. And Thank you to Almaz for letting me shoot in her cafe, Almaz Cafe, located on 20th and Walnut Street. (1st assignment, 1st semester) …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

H1N1 Epidemic” 4:13 minutes
This was one of my last video assignments for my first freshman semester. It is about how I learned about genetic engineering in the tenth grade and after a series of events I became a little more confused but with a new found thirst of skepticism. I finished this December 2011 and reshot a scene March 2012. What I enjoyed the most of this project was having dedicated a lot of quality time in preproduction and then being capable of scheduling all shots in one day and finished editing in one night. It was wonderful how perfectly the pieces fit together due to all the pre-planning. Also, please excuse the lack of white-balance on the scene that starts at 1:30, accident… Thanks to Jeremy Harrison as the violin teacher, Cody Rae Gallagher as my friend, Mr. Ruddick and his advisory class from Girard Academic Music Program (my high school) for doing such an awesome job, and Maxwell Camillo Di Paolo for helping me with the production of this project. It was written, directed and edited by me.

Brains and Neurons See” 3:01 minutes
This is my visual exploration assignment for FMA2 Section 6. This assignment made us reflect on how we see the world… I chose to do a poetic experimental video… Written, Narrated, Directed, Edited by Me… Thanks to voluntary actor: Aaron P. Scott. Completed this for March 2012. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

Sikhism video & interview” 6:56 minuntes
I shot and edited this video for my Intellectual Heritage I class presentation on my experience at a Sikh Temple. The first portion is a quick view of how it looks like inside of the “Philadelphia Sikh Society‘s” praying/meditating area. People must take their shoes off and wash their hands when entering the building as a form of respect. The second portion is an audio interview with Jasbir Singh, volunteer and x-secretary of this gurudwara (temple). Completed for April 2012. The image of the Sikh Holy Scripture, Guru Granth Sahib, is from courtesy of
“All are equal, all sit together and eat… Remember God with every breath… God is everywhere… Serve God by serving others…” – from interview.

 Lawrence Ferlinghetti – “Speak Out” and Biography  7 min.

This video begins with the poem “Speak Out” by Lawrence Ferlinghetti… My intentions are to portray the way I encountered his poem and then there is a small biography about him. It was the first video I ever made and I used Windows Movie Maker.