Short Narrative

I, like most people, have been fascinated by feature films, Hollywood and independent films, and the way they can transport you to a different place and make you feel all kinds of emotions while placing you in the shoes of the characters. Here are some of the short narrative videos I have created for class assignments as a Film and Media Arts student.

In “So… You Wanna Get Lunch?” (3:58min) Max tries to gather the courage to ask Stephanie out for lunch as he discreetly runs to catch up with her, but only gets as far as awkwardly giving her a flower. Little does he know that Stephanie has noticed his many efforts, and beats him to the goal. This is an original short created with a Steadicam for my Moving Camera class.

“Awakening from Nightmare” (4:30min) A nightmare, a confession and a softened heart that keeps a friendship between two college roommate girls together. Starring Sara Fayngolz as Taylor and Melissa Ramiro as Erica.
Written, Directed, Edited and Sound Designed by Michelle Saul-Yamasaki.

“Color of Sound” (2:43min) We all come home tired from long days, and when it is freezing out, you come back inside like an icicle. I took this state of being and thawed it out with bringing out the sound of color in water coloring. This is an experimental short “silent film” with original, self created acousmatic sounds for class.

“At Least One Book” (10min) It is Chloe’s last paper assignment, but this time she HAS to get a book from the Temple Library, something she has never done before and is dreading… In her journey she gets lost in letters & numbers, distracted by antic book covers and might have fallen in love… with her new book, but what happen to her paper?!

“Ash Wednesday” (4 min.) A short narrative in wish two old friends (Max and Dee) enact their moveable yearly ritual; a game of chess with the cryptic stakes as high as ever.

H1N1 Epidemic” 4:13 minutes
This was one of my last video assignments for my first freshman semester. It is about how I learned about genetic engineering in the tenth grade and after a series of events I became a little more confused but with a new found thirst of skepticism. I finished this December 2011 and re-shot a scene March 2012. What I enjoyed the most of this project was having dedicated a lot of quality time in preproduction and then being capable of scheduling all shots in one day and finished editing in one night. It was wonderful how perfectly the pieces fit together due to all the pre-planning. Thanks to Jeremy Harrison as the violin teacher, Cody Rae Gallagher as my friend, Mr. Ruddick and his advisory class from for doing such an awesome job, and Maxwell Camillo Di Paolo for helping me with the production of this project. It was written, directed and edited by me. Also, please excuse the lack of white-balance on the scene that starts at 1:30…

You are never too old to Crayola” 5:30 min. gladhappylove is crazy for colors… and Crayola has the best colors out there… as artists we are always occupying our time singing songs, drawing pictures, coloring and painting… Sometimes we like to get creative and capture it on video. Here it is: Gladhappylove + Crayola = AMAZING! Enjoy!

Smile Gift” 1 minute
This is the first video assignment for my Film and Media Arts class at Temple University.  It is a silent one minute “in camera” film. This assignment’s purpose was to help us develop our skills as visual storytellers without relying on the use of dialogue and to strengthen our pre-planning, visualization and storyboard skills. Also to exercise our compositional and framing skills. An “in camera” film is one that is made with out the use of editing, what you shoot is what you use. Thank you to my two wonderful actors, Cody Rae Gallagher as the beautiful girl, Adrian Matthew Jordan and Jeremy Harrison as grumpy cold extra. And Thank you to Almaz for letting me shoot in her cafe, Almaz Cafe, located on 20th and Walnut Street. (1st assignment, 1st semester)

“The Luck of Birds and Ladybugs” (1min.) The Luck of Birds and Ladybugs is a short animated video with rotoscoped elements for my Digital Animation class of Spring 2013.



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